After browsing for a topic and searching for videos, you're ready to begin using the video for your assignment.  One of the videos we found while searching about Moors in Spain while Isabella was Queen is a video called The Alhambra and the Reign of Queen Isabella of Spain.  The tutorial will make this film an example of how to use videos for your assignments.

After you find a video in your browse or search and click on the link, you will see a page with an embedded video and information about that film.
  • Full Title - Click the tab called Full Title in the right hand sidebar for a summary of the entire film.
  • Segments - A summary of each segment of the film is provided in the Segments tab.
  • Related Videos - If you found this video helpful, you can find more like it by clicking Related Videos.
Once you have found a video, you will need to select how you watch:
  • Below the video, there are two drop-down menus.  On most videos, you will be able to watch with Flash, Windows Media, or QuickTime.  Films on Demand recommends Flash for the highest quality.  You can only watch in full screen if you use Flash.
  • Next you can select the resolution of the video.  If you have high-speed Internet, you should be able to watch at the highest resolution possible (700bps).  If you have a slower connection, however, you might consider selecting a lower quality (400bps).