Basic Searching

Basic searching looks for keywords in titles and segments.  The basic search box is always at the top of the page.

  • Keywords - Searching the right keywords is very important.  Pick the most significant words from your topic.  You will see two results if you search: "moors spain queen isabella".  Now try searching for: "moors spain isabella".  You have one more result without the word "queen." 
  • Search Type - Once you have your keywords, you have two ways to basic search: by segment or by title.  Try searching "moors spain isabella" by title and then again by segment.  When you search by title, you have only one video, but when you search by segment, you have three.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search finds more specific results by using subjects, dates, and sorting to narrow down results.  Find the blue search box at the top of the page.  On the right side of the screen, click the link called Advanced Search. 

Some important parts of advanced searching:
  • Subject - Some topics might have videos in many subjects.  For example, you might need to find videos on "weight loss" for several different classes - Biology, Business, Psychology, Health, or Sociology.  Watching a video about weight loss businesses might not be helpful if your assignment is about vitamins that help in weight loss. Picking a subject will give you videos that are most relevant to your specific topic.
  • Copyright Date - In some classes, like Psychology or Biology, using the most recent resources is very important in order to use the most accurate information.  You can tell the search to only let you see videos after a certain year.  For example, if you pick "after 2008" you will only see videos that are less than 2 years old.  
  • Closed Captions - Closed captioning is helpful if you are hearing impaired or if you are watching a video in a foreign language.  Advanced Search is the only place to limit videos this way.