More Ideas

Films on Demand is an excellent resource for research and educational videos, but there are other ways to incorporate Films on Demand into your classroom and school too.  Here are a few ideas.

More Ways to Use Films on Demand

You can use Films on Demand for your other classes, personal life, or just for fun.  Anyone who has a Films on Demand username and password can use the database at any time.  Here are some ideas: 
  • Foreign Languages - Films on Demand has videos in Spanish, German, and French.  Show a segment in your foreign language class as part of a presentation or watch it without subtitles to practice your listening skills.
  • Working with other Grades - Use videos when you tutor lower grades.  If your class does a big project with a lower grade (like an Ellis Island or Underground Railroad), set up a computer where you can show some educational video segments. 
  • Career Research - As a Junior or Senior, you're getting close to deciding on a college and major.  You can do some research in Films on Demand.  On the home page, click Careers & Job Search or Technical Education.  Watch videos about careers that might interest you.  There are also videos about preparing for college under Guidance & Counseling. 
  • Life Skills - There are videos that can help you with things like driver's education, first aid, teen parenting, nutrition, self-esteem, and sexuality.  Check out the videos in Family & Consumer Sciences and Guidance & Counseling. 
  • Hobbies - There are a lot of videos about hobbies like astronomy, cooking, woodworking, photography, and more.  Do a search and see what you find.

Complementary Websites

YouTube is a popular video sharing website.  There are a lot of fun videos on YouTube, but try searching for "job interview" or "self esteem."  There are a lot of educational and instructional videos uploaded too.  (Just remember what your teachers and librarians taught you about evaluating materials).

On TeacherTube, you can watch fun and instructional videos made by real teachers.  The videos are about real subjects being taught in real classrooms.  Do a search to see if a teacher (maybe even your own!) has a video posted on TeacherTube about what you're learning in class.

SchoolTube is a moderated website where K-12 students and teachers can upload their own videos.  Learn by watching videos from classrooms across the country or upload events from your own school. A free account is required.