You can browse the videos in Films on Demand from the home page.  Browsing works when you're not sure what topic you want to learn about.  Pretend your History teacher told you to pick your own topic.
  1. Find the list of subjects called View By Subject.  Select the subject you want to browse.  Since this video will be used in a history assignment, pick Humanities & Social Sciences.
  2. Now you can see a list of classes in the Humanities & Social Sciences.  Under History, you'll see three more categories to pick from.  Decide if you want to watch videos about American, European, or World History.  Click the category you're interested in.
  3. The results you see are all the videos related to history in Films on Demand.  As you scroll down the page, you'll find a lot of different topics.  For this tutorial, we'll pick "Moors in Spain under Queen Isabella" as an example.

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