Assignment Activity

Now that you have learned how to use Films on Demand, it is time to use the database to complete an activity.  Your assignment is to create a playlist of videos about a specific topic for your AP class.  You only need to create one playlist, even if you are enrolled in more than one AP class. Some topic suggestions are listed below, but you can select another topic if you prefer.

 American History
 Ancient Americans
 Civil Rights Movement
 Manifest Destiny
 Mental Illness
 American Government
 Constitutional Amendments
 Bill of Rights
 Biology II
 Conservation (water, carbon, habitats)
 Genetic Engineering
 Western Civilizations
 Ancient Europeans
 Age of Exploration
 The World Wars
 English Literature
 A Novel or Short Story Collection
 An Author
 History of Language


Imagine that the person watching your playlist knows nothing about the topic.  Pick segments that clearly explain the topic and arrange them in the most helpful way.  Use the Films on Demand Playlist Worksheet to complete this assignment. 

Your playlist URL will be added to the AP Playlists page for other students to watch and learn from your assignment.  Before you begin the assignment, take a few minutes to talk with your classmates.  Try to pick different topics.  The more topics you cover with this assignment, the more you'll be able to help each other learn.

Here is an example of a finished playlist:  Queen Isabella and the Moors in Spain.