Boompole Kit

Black Telescoping Pole & Pro Boom Adapter Kit

Just Add Shockmount or Mic Holder sold separately
Use With Shotgun Microphone,

Example photo Filmmoto® Boompole & Shockmount, Sony MDRV150 Headphones Above.

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Boompole - Kit

Condition: New
Factory Black Paint
Price $27.95
Item #02795BPKIT
Retail Price $29.90 Save $2.00
Shipping $15.95 to the 48 contiguous states USAUPS
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Kit Includes: Black Telescoping Pole & Pro Boom Adapter;

Universal Telescoping Pole
or painters pole with standard screw mount. Two section, twist and telescope to extend to 6' 7",
factory black paint to prevent pole from reflecting sunlight.
Just add foam for hand grip or grip tape for tennis rackets.

Minimum 36"
Extended 72"
6 foot Maximum (6' )
with Adapter 6', 5.5" length

Average Height Person Gains an 11' foot 6" inch reach with this pole.
Retail Price $19.95

Pro Boom adapter for all painters pole or telescoping poles with standard screw mount. 2.5" Socket Bolt runs through center for added strength, high impact plastic, 3/8 Thread for Universal Shockmount and standard Microphone Holder. For use on Telescoping Pole.

Tapered length
End to end 5.5"
3/8 Thread
Threaded Tip Length Is Adjustable.
Retail Price $9.95

Save With KIT! $27.95
Maximum Length 6 foot, 5.5" plus Shockmount

Get a professional looking Quality Pole in Factory Black, unlike most painters poles found in stores. Comfortable tight fitting locking sleeves to prevent noise when extended. Purchase my Pro Boom Adapter separately and use on any painters pole.

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"Move Freely In Small Areas"

"Save Money!"

"Save Time Purchase This Kit"

Boom Pole Kit Example
: Sown  on the Left with Pro Boom Adapter $9.95,
Microphone Shockmount Not Included!
Pick The Style Boom Adapter You Would Like Shipped With Pole. Photographed Next To Doorway For A Visual Aid On Height Of Boompole.

The amount of time it took me going from store to store to get quality parts to make my first Boompole is time I could have used doing something else. I use this kit and made it available for others making video productions on a budget. Pro Boompoles sell for 150.00-600 and most poles ship for 15.00-25.00 dollars, I keep the shipping low to make this an affordable purchase, even if it means me paying a few dollars more to ship to the west coast. Add up your time and cost to run around finding the right pole, this ones tried and tested. "It's a good deal.