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"California is now thinking Michigan with it's
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Cinematographer, DP, Videographer, Director & Producer,
Independent Film Maker, "Man I Love Making Videos."

I started making low budget productions and came up with gear to use in creating that movie magic. I have a nice Professional Broadcast Camera to tape my productions, but some of the most useful and ultra cool Production Equipment can be costly, and well worth it, I just keep my options open on which will work for me.

Filmmoto® products were developed in Michigan, home of the Motor City,
"Tried and Tested"
Production Gear made to stand up to daily use. We only use high quality parts for the products we make, while searching for good prices from our distributors on accessories. Each product we develop has been used in several video production before being offered to the public and carry the Filmmoto® name.

We have more Filmmoto® products to introduce in the future after further development and testing. Grip Equipment and Supplies along with New accessories to help in making your Productions are on the way.

Thank you for visiting this website, any questions contact us, your feedback is appreciated. We will post tips, product reviews, DIY, how-to and more in the Forum and Blog, share ideas and tips, interact with filmmakers.

We respect all filmmakers, nice equipment helps in producing a spectacular production. For the little guy expressing yourself through video on a budget with limited resources, telling a story for all to watch can have just as big impact as a Major Studios work, even if it was shot on a point and shoot digital camera, with thought and effort you can be a YouTube star and have millions of viewers around the world.

Send Us your photos of you using our product and a little information and we will post it in our Gallery.

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