Vancouver Film School/YouTube Scholarship Competition: FAQs


1.    What is this competition all about?

This competition is about making film school accessible to everyone.  The YouTube community will award three aspiring artists (that includes directors, animators, actors, sound designers and more) with full-tuition scholarships to the Vancouver Film School program of their choice.

2.    How do I participate?

Between March 18th and May 9th, submit a short film, animation or creative pitch addressing the theme “What Matters to You.” You must start your video by identifying the VFS program you wish to attend and you must limit your video to no more than three minutes. 

On May 20th, we will announce the 10 finalists, selected by Vancouver Film School.

From May 20th to May 27th, the YouTube community will view and vote for their favorite videos.

On May 30th, we will announce the 3 scholarship winners.

3.    What Vancouver Film School programs can I apply for through this competition?

1.    Foundation Visual Art & Design
2.    Acting Essentials
3.    3D Animation & Visual Effects
4.    Classical Animation
5.    Digital Character Animation
6.    Houdini™ Certification
7.    Acting for Film & Television
8.    Digital Design
9.    Entertainment Business Management
10.  Film Production
11.  Game Design
12.  Makeup Design for Film & Television
13.  Sound Design for Visual Media
14.  Writing for Film & Television

4.    How do I know if I’m eligible to compete?

a. You must be a legal resident in one of the 19 regions in which YouTube is localized. This list includes:

1.    Australia
2.    Brazil
3.    Canada
4.    France
5.    Germany
6.    Hong Kong
7.    Ireland
8.    Italy
9.    Japan
10.  Korea
11.  Mexico
12.  The Netherlands
13.  New Zealand
14.  Poland
15.  Russia
16.  Spain
17.  Taiwan
18.  United Kingdom
19.  United States

b. You must be at least 16 years old.

c. You must be able to speak and write English at an acceptable level.  If you win a scholarship and English is your second language, you may be required to obtain a minimum recognized test score from one of the following exams: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, LPI or Cambridge Advanced English.

5.    I don’t live in one of those countries, why can’t I participate? 

While we wish we could include residents of all countries, many countries have different laws about running competitions and we weren’t able to devise a competition with rules that are fair and work the same for everyone around the world.

6.   I’m a citizen of an ineligible country but I’m living in an eligible country right now. Can I take part in the competition?

If you are a legal resident and residing in an eligible country, you are eligible for the competition.

7.   I’m a citizen of an eligible country but I’m living in an ineligible country right now. Can I take part in the competition?

No, you have to be residing in an eligible country at the time of submission

8.   Is there a maximum age?

There is no maximum age or educational level for entrants. 

9.   People go to school to learn how to make films. Isn’t it unfair to ask people to submit completed films before they’ve had a chance to learn how?

We aren’t looking for technical perfection. We want to see passion and creativity in your chosen field. The ideal winners will show that they’ll make great use of their time at VFS and will be able to apply what they learn at the school.

10.   If I win, does that mean I can skip the foundational VFS Acting Essentials and Foundation Visual Art & Design programs? 

Yes, as long as you meet the admission requirements for your program of choice. Visit to see the full requirements for each program.

11.   Do I have to apply to VFS to enter the competition?

You don’t need to apply to VFS to submit. When winners are contacted, they’ll be guided through the full admissions process.

12.    Can my video be in a language other than English?

Yes, but your video must include English-language subtitles.

13.    What happens if my video is longer than 3 minutes?

You will be ineligible and your entry will not be considered.

14.    Any pointers on making a great video?

Yes!  Be creative.  Don’t just tell us what’s important to you – show us.  For example, if you’re a director, make a short film or documentary about an issue you care about.  If you’re an animator, animate a story about an issue, person, place, etc. that matters to you.  If you’re a writer, pitch a fresh screenplay concept about something that matters to you.  If you’re a makeup artist, transform a stranger into someone who matters to you.  These are just ideas and we know you can do better, but the point is: think creatively!

15.    How will Vancouver Film School pick the 10 finalists?

Vancouver Film School will judge submissions based on the following criteria:

a.    Creativity and Originality (up to 25 points)
b.    Relevance of the video to the particular program of study selected (up to 25 points)
c.    Technical Execution: Camera/Sound/Lighting/Editing (up to 25 points)
d.    Overall Impression (up to 25 points)

16.    Can there be three winners for the same program of study?


17.    How do I know if my video was submitted correctly?

After submitting a video, you will receive an email confirmation. Click on the link to confirm and you’re done.

18.    Can I submit more than one video?

No. If you made a mistake and need to re-submit, you will need to create a new YouTube account to do so.

19.    How often can I vote?

You may vote thumbs up or thumbs down on all 10 videos once every 24 hours.  We will count one vote per video per YouTube user per day.