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History of drug addicts

1998. This history is not told many people, but I thought that I should talk about it to - if possible, help those who are like I once lost in this world. Education received a typically Polish, a Roman Catholic. The manner in which received seed of the gospel rather alienated me, rather than closer to God. Since I can remember always looking for ideals. I looked everywhere - first in electronic music, then rock, and finally came to search the psychological literature, especially one that concerns the so-called. "Positive thinking". I went to exchange Silva method of mind control, meditation, divination, etc. Unfortunately, these practices led me to the occult, and it's very zaawansowanego.Gdy in meditation, I came to higher levels, I took possession of a spiritual guide named Dante, who could give me a lot , bestowed on me with his extraordinary abilities, formatted with 99% accuracy the place and people they have never seen, and many of them could say. These experiences pushed me into spiritualism from the "white" magic and following the completion of the "black" (ie: I used spells from the "Book of Black Magic," which treats even the victims of the people to Satan). All this, of course, accompanied by drugs, cigarettes and cheap alcohol (b.często) and at worst - drugs. From that moment began my catastrophe. Great tragedy for me and my mother, who for many hours przepłakała from despair and grief. When psychology, philosophy, meditation does not help me to find higher ideals, I lost hope and began to sink their desires and goals in używkach. In my heart I believed, however, that there is something perfectly perfect, I knew that God is good, but I did not know him at all. However, hoping that I find him. For this reason I became interested in "Renewal in the Holy Spirit", then "Neocatechumenate (charismatic groups and more Bible in the Church of the Roman - Catholic Bible more than himself). I know that already at that time led me God, because even though the last two years CPAL, it was a time when every day at 6 am I was in church for mass. I wanted freedom from the addiction in the church tried to break away from my problems trying to provide a musical, playing the guitar ... I tried to save something, but not too much that I went. Any attempt to deal with whatever gave no results. Addiction reign over me completely. In the morning I went out to buy goods in any way, then CPAL all day, even late into the night. After the city was afraid to walk because of the police, roamed the forests and canals, had previously quit my school, and because I did not work, wyłudzałem money from parents and friends. CPAL cheap, so very dangerous. "Soft" drugs, "NITRO", etc. When it came to that CPAL from 0.5 to 1 liter per day of chemical solution, my body was losing mental balance, depression, nervous breakdowns, hallucinations, loss of consciousness for many hours, increasing inferiority complexes and feeling hopeless rzeczywistości.Traciłem control of physiological activities. There was that I did not want to live longer. I shut myself in the cellar, and I wanted zaćpać to death. I wanted in this way get rid of all my childhood, what I otacza.Modliłem to God to release me, or spoke to each other. However, I failed. I went out there, and my life, nothing has changed. Much of that time did not remember moments were accompanied by large memory gaps. Once he went to a cassette tape my hands to radio program titled: "Are you truly a Christian?", Listened to her - then that I first heard about salvation by grace through faith. I wanted to release. I remember that when I fell on my knees and prayed the words of sinners in faith based on the biblical text of the Apostle Paul to the Romans 10.9.  "Because if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." I prayed more or less in these words: Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you for the forgiveness of my sins and give me eternal life. Take control of my life, make me what kind of man you want me to be. Amen. Although still CPAL, by about half a year trying to do something, sometimes I read Scripture, but I hid them under the bed in shame. Then someone left a flyer at my meeting invitations from the series "New Life". Subject interested me, yet this has always looked for. I went to the meeting and since then I have been to all the lectures, although for all I zaćpany. I went to them dirty and stinking, but not left any. Though often do not know how I was there and almost none of them do not remember, though talks lasted a month. Next I was in the habit, lectures me with him to release what is true I quit smoking, still drinking a lot. One day I was talking with his brother, he proposed to me then, I wrote a letter to the pastor adwentystycznego spiritual questions. In this way, has already begun in earnest to my "adventure" of Adventism. Although I wanted to release my habit wyniszczał slowly but surely, I had no strength to resist it. One day in the woods, which I attended CPAC, I met a few skins. I was in such a state that did not have the strength to flee. It beat me up, then for three months did not go out of the house. At that moment I experienced a shock that God to save me so allowed drastic methods. CPAC stopped - I began to heal. No, not clinically, but domestic funds. After three months, occasionally longer CPAL consciously avoided sites that were associated with my past. I started taking lessons from the Bible. When it came time of baptism, the pastor has done something never before done - do not give me a proposal, but said: "It is a baptism, you have to go." Even if Satan had fought for me, just before the baptism persuaded me that I broke all the commandments - it was horrible. But then thoroughly lost. I was a Christian and I decided to turn away from my past. I went to the baptism of Sanok and experienced new birth. From the moment I became a baptized believer intentionally, and I know that does not heal me, church, Bible, meditation, psychology and only true Christ. I was sincere in their prayers, and when Christ knocked on my door, then opened them because I had nothing. Believe that Christ is the only God. Recently, I came to the conclusion that it is not enough to be born of water and prayed to God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and today I am truly free, I am a slave of Christ. Are important to me now two concepts - consciously believing and salvation by grace. Many people in the church believe in God, but not everyone consciously seek to him, with full dedication. I met him and I want to live for Him. I have no education, but I try to do what I can and see how God works. I want to share their faith. Once I had nothing, now I is not missing anything. God meets my needs, he cares about me. Glory be to Him for it!