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Welcome to Film Club

Section Leaders

Dimitri Jess- would like to apply his Audacity skills and techniques with music for constructive purposes

Joey O’Donnell- Is the head of the club tries to ensure that students stay on task while he does his work also.

Alexis Cram- Would apply her drawing and artistic skills to help with visual aid

Dylan Palmer- Could apply his artistic skills with Alexis to help with visual aids and manages and edits the film clubs website

Rules of the club

  • be respectful towards others!
  • No over negative criticism of a member or group of members projects or ideas
  • No over use of slang, racism, or cursing
  • Physical violence will NOT be tolerated
  • No sexual or over violent projects will be allowed
  • listen to section heads Dimitri, Joey, Alexis, Dylan, Supervising teachers,and Mr. Meyer
  • Do not back out of projects with out reasonable and just causes without talking to section heads.
  • Please inform section heads of any days that you will miss or be gone [vacation, in school suspension, appointments, sports, etc]

On Set/Stage/Mic

  1. No sexual harassment or racism
  2. No horseplay on set
  3. Do not use equipment for unintended purposes
  4. No cursing on mic or sexual comments on mic

Strike 1 Strike 2 Strike 3
Warning Suspended for a few weeks. Court case for expulsion

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