No to Prostitution

Vanessa Feltz says on
: "where brothels prostitution is legal trafficking of women increases and
unlicensed brothels operate exactly as they did before." She thinks that
if prostitution gets legalized, then a number of women being trafficked and
be employed unwillingly by escorting agencies, will increase as it is happening
in most of those countries that have legalized prostitution. A number of women
have been abducted in certain countries and moved to other countries where they
are forced to earn money for the abductors through prostitution.If we legalize
prostitution in Namibia, this is what we expect to Happen to women of our beloved
and lovely country.

A large group of Namibians are Christians and thus approach the topic in a religious
perspective point of view. They think it's immoral for prostitutes to use their God
given bodies for such an immoral act. As a matter of fact, having sex before marriage
goes against the sixth commandment of the Ten commandments of God and it would corrupt
 the future generation into becoming pagans, thus they believe prostitution must not be

legalized in Namibia(the land of the brave).

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