my name is Filippo Mangolini. I am an University Academic Fellow in the Institute of Functional Surfaces at the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

Currently my research focuses on:
  1. the development of fundamental understanding of the mechanochemistry of advanced lubricants (e.g., ionic liquids);
  2. the development of a physically-based understanding of the property-functional behavior relationships (i.e., the interrelationship between composition, structure, tribological performance and durability) for advanced solid lubricants (e.g., doped and alloyed amorphous carbon);
  3. studying the scientific foundation of the influence of the environment on the tribological performance of solid lubricants, with a particular focus on amorphous carbon thin films;
  4. the development of a fundamental understanding of the mechanism of actions of novel energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly lubricants;
  5. the development of a new in situ tribological method, based on X-ray and vibrational spectroscopic methods.
On this website, you can find:
  • my curriculum vitae;
  • some links related to my research;
  • something about my hobbies.