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This is the second tier strategic policy paper prepared by the four senior military officers at Berkeley Crescent to advice PM Bainimarama on how to map out Fiji’s Political Freedom to a stable road of peace, tolerance, goodwill and true democracy.

This column had envisaged and wrote on the power that will come upon the leadership of Bainimarama upon his move to lift the PER as Fiji’s prepares to usher in the 2012 and calls it the “Dawn to the new era “

•When this decree was nationally broadcasted that it will be lifted the whole world ,international communities, civil societies, religious organizations and Fiji citizens responded positively.
•This national commitment of lifting the PER on January 7th,2012 has become a solid platform for the international community’s to elevate the PM Bainimarama to an international height of praise he never experienced before since he took power in 2006.
•Being able to witness the volume of praise and comments by the international communities, a new era has emerged
•The PM Bainimarama must use this platform to roll out his old self-esteem life style, his biased outlook, his self centered policies, his overweight advisers, his outclassed military securities, broken record of relationship within the Pacific Forum countries and other countries in the world including New Zealand and Australia.


•It is crucial for the PM Bainimarama to harvest the ground breaking momentum he started with the lifting of the PER.
•The PM Bainimarama must reload his new look advisers with the voice of wisdom based on empowering the people with message of reconciliation hope,peace,break through,friendship,togetherness and love.
•The PM must learn the art to cloth himself with a statesman leadership filled with wisdom and full of humility and forgiveness.
•His speeches must be filtered with true statesmanship edition breaking hearts of the people who are keen to stand along his leadership with genuine commitment.
•Arrogance, abruptness and military code of leadership must be allowed to die down because people majority of them are ruled with respect, understanding,humbleness, care, share, love, tolerance and goodwill.
•The PM Bainimarama must engage in propping himself to the Presidents position when it becomes vacant so he can feel the statesman chair and Commander in chief a position he never had an experience before.
•It is from this angle he will be able to build a strong pillar of power while using his appointed loyalist into the post of PM and RFMF commander and to prepare him and his party in the coming election in 2014.
•From his President’s position he will be able to implement, regulate, evaluate and monitor all national and international engagements while the domestic PM his loyalist of his own choice reports to his office on regular basis.
•The PM must learn not to bake the cake and try to eat at the same time because the results may be wicked and evil.
•Politics is the art of possible based on the art of give and take where he must allow the people to trust his government more in an environment of peace rather than fear.
•His most important assignment after the lifting of the PER is to prove to the public he is approachable where people can come freely to see him and share thoughts with him.
•The PM must send all the cabinet ministers personal body guards including his own back to the barracks.
•The PM must utilize the freedom of speech and freedom of association to create an atmosphere of a government call centre based in all his departments to deal with people issues.
•One good example is back to school campaign get this roll out as a national event a beginning school year priority to solicit people get them on your side because confidence is seeing and receiving. The time is here and now


•A constitution term of reference must be designed by the appointed special taskforce cabinet committee headed by PM with the help of New Zealand and Australia government, UN, Forum Secretariat and the Commonwealth.
•The constitution taskforce committee must be lean, simple and full of wisdom and experience.
•The CCC term of reference must be put together within 28-30 days.
•The CCC must be funded by an international donor country preferably Australia or New Zealand or the Forum Secretariat.
•Once the CCC Term of reference is endorsed by cabinet a public consultation program must be opened where all participating individual, civil societies, religious organizations, politicians, work groups, academic organizations, vanua must be allowed to write and submit what they think is good to be in the constitution.
•AG office must be free from this exercise because people confidence is more towards the PM office.
•AG current position is too heavy visionary thoughts can easily be drowned due to over work this set up is better off on a clear platform where people who are to be engaged in its process are allowed to implement the new vision based on the PM momentum he is currently getting from the international community.
•The term of reference is to be engaged in all languages where all forms of written media,CD,DVD,website,TV and radio are enticed to score responses.
•The key issues relating to government is executive, legislative, judiciary & security are all addressed in the Peoples Charter Consultative this can be streamlined to allow more open dialogue and discussion.
•It is suggested the CCC composition majority is to be picked from within Fiji with an expert to be engaged from the East West Centre in Hawaii or from the Commonwealth Secretariat or the UN.
•The CCC public consultation must roll out in March & April and a draft report to be tabled in Cabinet in May 2012.
•To make the task easy it is suggested the elements in the 1997 constitution together with elements in the People Charter for Change be reformed and reviewed with a tendency to incorporate the will of the people during the public consultation process.


•PM must be putting together his working task force team in the formation of his political party.
•PM has never been in any firm of democratic election where people power rules in the ballot box.
•To master this well he needs a vehicle, a party to carry him through to continued democratic leadership so he can get his freedom when he wins.
•To do this he needs to have a very clear thinking in this make up where it is suggested that he rises up to the President position and he gets his loyalist PM and commander to run the race for him.
•Therefore his loyalist upon his advice will form the working party manifesto, appoint office bearers and puts together a party constitution and prepares AGM.
•PM must know politics is the game of numbers. In order to get there the new party must be formed now so a working majority of support are netted now and helped to nurture newcomers on new grounds.
• Fiji is a small society of less than 1 million people to engage in political freedom you must cultivate the souls and spirit of trust of the people.
•Build it now and let it grow fruits in two years by the time it matures it is just right for harvest.


•Most Fijians are members of the Methodist Church PM is breaking the ground of stony heart to the heart of flesh by allowing the church to conduct its AGM.
•This is class PM must use this as a way forward to build bridges of tolerance by making a special delegation of matanigasau once the meeting is called.
•PM must spear head a special team to meet the leaders for the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation committee to allow the unity spirit to roll out based on forgiveness, humbleness, care, tolerance and good will.
•GCC and Vanua support must be allowed to grow once the CCC public consultation is completed to allow the strategy of support to come to pass from the people using the provincial councils as a tool to form unity.


•The PM must not allow the international praise he now receives to lose power and momentum.
•He must now rise above the occasion and build himself into a new height of visionary leader full of love and care for the people.
•He must get all his speeches doctored by the visionary experts and he must level up international visits where he must now request for meetings with leaders in NZ and Australia & UK.
•His new height is painted the new dawn he must get up and get going while the time is right and ripe.
•He must get to the statesmanship chair and get his appointed loyalist to brace his new party to the new challenges of election.


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