-30/01/2012 - Fiji Military Forces have lost its true purpose and must be abolished

posted 10 Feb 2012, 01:22 by fiji democracy freedom movement victoria

the single biggest item of expenditure in the Fiji budget over the last twelve years since 2000 has been the millitary – 3500 guys have eaten up $1.2 billion over a ten year period between 2000 and 2010 (and its currently ongoing – it hasn’t ended).

as a proportion of their contribution to the GDP of this country – you can also check their yearly contribution, its negligible – next to zero when stood up against what they eat out of the national budget – the returns on peacekeeping over the last twelve years comes nowhere near even 10% of what they have eaten out of the national budget in that same period, and its even eroded further when you consider that the millitary has been at the forefront of every destabalising and unlawful removal of a civilian govt in the history of this country – either in the form of rogue units who have broke rank discipline (indiscipline) or officers who have decided to remove lawful Govts at gunpoint via coup d’etat

Fiji military used by Dictator Bainimarama to terrorise civilians

the only things they have been ”contributing” to this country in the last 24 years is consuming the biggest chunk of the countries budget for eating, sleeping and once in a while marching around on public occassions furling and unfurling flags at Albert Park and doing coup d’etats and destabalising the country every so often – otherwise they now contribute nothing meaningful or of value to the nations economy

the RFMF was formed in World War 2 because it was to fight in a war which was being conducted in Melanesia and which was threatening Fiji, and other countries in this region – there was value and purpose at that time. they were engaged in Malaya because it had geopolitical value for the broader Asia Pacific region in so far as the issues of the extending commnunism were concerned

but today it has no meaningful role – so all they have been basically doing is eat up the biggest chunk of the national budget and have their officers plan coup d’etats - lately they have taken on new habits of kidnapping and tourturing and terrorising Fiji citizen civilians and even non Fiji citizens – and they have also engaged in civilian murders since 2006

Sakiusa Rabaka's mother still mourning the brutal killing of her son by the Military in Nadi.

its abundantly evident that they create no value for the nation today – they only create instability – the fact is that all the millitary and political instability in this country in the last twenty four years has emanated from the millitary, either through rogue units or through the officer corp assuming for themselves, at the barrel of the gun, the leadership of the country.

its sad, but its true.

thats whats happening in this country

By realjack