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2nd International Symposium on 

Figurative Thought and Language 


  28-30 October 2015, University of Pavia, Italy

FTL2 is held under the auspices of AIA - Associazione Italiana di Anglistica 


and the Department of Humanities - University of Pavia 

Sponsored by John Benjamins 

and by Springer

The 2nd International Symposium on Figurative Thought and Language (FTL2) will focus on the centrality of conceptual metonymy, conceptual metaphor and metaphtonymy in language and the reasoning processes with a view to fostering interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue, promoting the study of figuration in different languages and cultures, and enhancing dissemination of research results. 

We invite contributions from different theoretical and applied perspectives (e.g. cognitive linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience and the philosophy of the mind), and methodologies (e.g., experimental protocols, cross-linguistic comparison, synchronic and diachronic analyses, translation, corpus studies). Suggested topics include (but are not restricted to) the impact of figuration on levels of linguistic analysis (morphology, lexis, semantics, pragmatics), on areas of grammar, on various types of discourse (e.g., the discourse of economics, law, medicine, philosophy, politics, psychology and psychotherapy), on the language of emotions.

The Symposium will bestow the FTL Young Researchers’ Award (FTL-YRA) upon three deserving young researchers, who must be doctoral candidates or doctoral graduates within the five years prior to 30 June 2015. The papers must be an original unpublished investigation dealing with figuration. The Young Researcher Award Committee will select three papers based on scientific quality, innovation, significance of the contribution to the field, and clarity. The best paper will receive a certificate of recognition and a monetary prize of 300 euros; the second and third finalists will receive a certificate of recognition and a book from John Benjamins.

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Angeliki ATHANASIADOU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. Mario BRDAR and Rita SZABÓ, Osijek University, Croatia, and Eötvös-Loránd University, Hungary

Prof. Herbert L. COLSTON, University of Alberta, Canada

Prof. Zóltan Kövecses, Eötvös-Loránd University, Hungary

Prof. Emeritus Günter RADDEN, University of Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Francisco  Ruiz de Mendoza, University of La Rioja, Spain

Prof. Luca VANZAGO, University of Pavia, Italy



Prof. Annalisa Baicchi (Symposium Chair)