What's All This, Then?

Your first time should be special.

Just FYI.

FYI (Figments of Your Imagination) specializes in introducing new players to the fun hobby of LARPing, through our events and seminars. The following sections provide a very brief definition of a LARP, and a description of our convention seminar, Introduction to LARPing.

What Is A LARP?

A LARP is a Live-Action Role Playing event. There are many different types of events that all use this term. Our LARPs are plot-driven (or character-driven), meaning that character goals and desires drive the flow of action. There are no foam weapons or any physical contact (outside of normal social conventions, such as shaking hands). Everyone receives a character background that explains who you are playing and provides setting details and your goals for the event. At the end of the event, everyone's secrets and goals are revealed.

For those of you who have played any tabletop RPG, a LARP is like a tabletop RPG for about 20 people (could be more, could be less). Depending on your experiences, gameplay may differ from a tabletop game in that our GMs are there to help you tell the story, not to be adversarial, and you talk in the first person (for example, instead of saying "My character asks the Baron for a favor," you simply explain what you want to the person playing the Baron).

Convention Seminar: Introduction to LARPing

Description: New to LARPing? Aren't sure if you should try it? Aren't even sure what "it" is? We dispel the myths, discuss the very different types of events that all use the name LARP (from plot-driven to boffer combat), and explain what to expect. Bring any questions you may have, and get ready to take your gaming to the next level! Our panelists have over 60 years of combined LARP experience writing, running, and playing.

Note: You do not need to attend the seminar to play in our events, but many novices find it helpful.