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Out of the Darkness

It’s 1967. Rain obscures your vision as you stumble through the English countryside. Your car, a misfortune of economical engineering, is left far behind. Suddenly, a van splashes you as it races by, too fast to flag down. Lightning splits the sky, and you would swear you saw the glint of... rhinestones? You press on, hoping to find shelter, for what could be worse than being caught in the wilderness on a dark and stormy night? Suddenly a lantern appears out of the darkness, then a gate, a tower... a castle. Is it safe? Someone thinks so, for there are other travelers arriving at the door...

Join us for an evening of campy frights inspired by the music of Midnight Syndicate and the films of Hammer Productions. Costumes encouraged but not required. Beginners welcome!

(Yes, GenCon attendees, we changed the year the event takes place, as we thought it would give you more interesting costume options)

Reserve a Character in Advance

Here is the cast list for Out of the Darkness: The LARP.

Event attendees:    If you would like to reserve a particular character in advance, email your top 3 choices
LarpsByFYI (at) and please put "Darkness Larp" in the Subject line.



Residents of Ironwood Abbey


Professor Saxon Stone: Master of the Ironwood Abbey and renowned scientist and physician. He withdrew to the Abbey over a year ago, suggesting that he is perfecting a new treatment for one of the grave illnesses that afflict the world. The medical community is very curious to know what is afoot in Saxon’s laboratory.

Mercia Stone: The Professor’s sister-in-law, widow of Stone’s older brother Norman. She has been very supportive of Saxon, himself a widower, sparking rumors that the two may wed. Mercia is known for her management of the Stone Foundation (the philanthropic arm of the family) and for being the inspiration for the murderess in J.K.R. Tolwing’s novel, “The Black Shadow of Finknottle Lane.”

Audrey Foster: A patient of Professor Stone’s, sent from Haverghast Asylum. She suffers from acute amnesia and hopes the Professor’s revolutionary treatments will restore her memory. No one has been able to determine her origins. Some believe she is foreign—Irish, perhaps. The staff enjoys rearranging the furniture in her room to test if she really has amnesia or if she is suffering from an enduring hangover.


Eyrego: The Professor’s odd laboratory assistant and also caretaker of the Abbey. He is handy with tools and very polite, though he avoids social situations when he can. Eyrego was disfigured in an accident and the Professor treated the injuries to the best of his ability. It is said Eyrego hails from South America, a very exotic place that no one else here seems to have been to, which makes his story completely believable – as far as you know.


The Butler: As manager of the Abbey, the butler is the heart of the Saxon household. The very model of a modern major generalist, the butler is a Jack-of-All-Trades able to handle affairs both executive and menial. The butler moves as if gliding across the room on an unseen furniture trolley of the gods.

Antoinette Cevre Boudin: The cook of Ironwood Abbey, newly added to the staff after the sturdy and reliable Mrs. Pottswell ran off suddenly to Barcelona with a painter. Mercia hired Boudin to bring culture, cuisine, and sophistication to the Abbey. Boudin’s manner is somewhat brusque, though, and the household didn’t take to her as well as Mercia had hoped.



Guests, Invited or Otherwise


Westley Addams: A ruthless American businessman who has designs on the Abbey for a theme park that combines a Beatles-like aesthetic with trash British stereotypes for the amusement of tourists. He seems to view the English as quaint, fanciful people who are easily exploited for profit. He next plans to purchase land on Indian reservations to build casinos and “fire-water” stations.


Ward Burton: Addams’ nephew, a shiftless playboy who doesn’t seem to care for anything except testing his tolerance for many a good English pint, racing about in fast cars, and impressionable young women—sometimes all at the same time.


Yvette Greg: Mr. Addams’ “assistant,” if that is what the Americans are calling it now. She is very lovely and intelligent, well educated, and quick witted – causing many to wonder why she works for Addams. Perhaps the job market for women really is worse than they say….


Brad Minor: A traveler newly engaged to the lovely Janet Vice. Their car has broken down near the Castle. Brad is a handsome and affable young man. Apparently he is a photographer for a number of travel publications. His love for Janet is simply enchanting, bordering on nauseating.


Janet Vice: A traveler newly engaged to the spruce Brad Minor. Their car has broken down near the Castle. Janet is a beautiful and charming young woman. Apparently she is the secretary to the owner of a magnet factory in Buenos Aires. Her love for Brad is delightful, bordering on mind-numbing.


Conservatoré: A flamboyant American performer, known as much for his garish costumes as for his music. The Abbey is far from any venue in which he might desire to perform or even visit, which begs the question, “Why the heck is he here?” It is as if the gods shoe-horned him into the plot of their demented epic just because they liked the idea of the character. Since he surely has nothing to contribute to the narrative, he undoubtedly will be the most popular character present.


Aria Lake: A reporter from the Daily Airmail, here to do a story on Professor Saxon’s revolutionary new treatments. No one seems to recall seeing her work in the paper. Perhaps she is a cub reporter trying to make a big splash, or just maybe she writes under a well established penname. It would be just like J.K.R. Tolwing to show up to a remote castle at night dressed in drag and claiming to be a naïve young reporter—probably how he met his last wife.


Dr. Serizawa: A visiting scientist from Japan, here to study Professor Saxon’s latest breakthroughs. This is somewhat surprising, since Serizawa is getting to be too old to be traipsing around the world for a rumored scientific breakthrough. Maybe the doctor knows something everyone else does not. If so, rest assured it will be revealed in a sweeping lecture about the perversion of science and the horrors of war—probably as an animated film.


Emiko Yamamoto: Dr. Serizawa’s assistant, a lovely but unassuming young woman. Her role appears to be caretaker for Dr. Serizawa, a man who needs a nursemaid more than he needs someone to hand him test tubes and take notes. Oddly, Emiko gives her elder charge a long leash, as if she hopes soon to have a reason to update her résumé.


Hansel Fahrvergnügen: A German lawyer here to advise Professor Saxon on his investments on the Continent. He is businesslike, stiff, humorless, and direct. Now that the threat of Soviet expansion casts its long shadow over Europe, the Germans are our friends… so don’t mention the war!


Monty Shrapnel: Inspector for the Ministry for the Inspection of Experimental Medical Equipment & Electroshock Therapy Safety, here on a random check of Professor Saxon’s private facility. Shrapnel is probably fishing for something to tax or confiscate… in other words, something fun.

Earthsparrow Stubble: An American hippie, backpacking across Europe for some reason. He has lost his dog, Young Feller, and is hoping to find him at the Abbey. The distinctive odor surrounding Mr. Stubble suggests that the dog might simply have wandered off in a haze.