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Reserve a Character in Advance

Here is the cast list for Dune.

GenCon Attendees:    If you would like to reserve a character, email your top 3 choices to
                                                LarpsByFYI (at), and please put "Dune" in the Subject line.


House Atreides – noble and steadfast, the Atreides have climbed far.

Duke Leto Atreides, head of House Atreides
Gurney Halleck, Weapons Master for House Atreides
Thufir Hawat, the galaxy’s most famous Mentat-Assassin, currently serving House Atriedes

House Harkonnen – this House has controlled Arrakis for many years….

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, head of House Harkonnen
Count Glossu Rabban, the Baron’s nephew and current governor of Arrakis
Piter De Vries, Mentat in service to House Harkonnen

House Grumman – fierce warriors from the edge of known space.

Duke Yares Grumman III, head of House Grumman
Mari Grumman, Duke Yares’ wife
Heremon Jalles, personal advisor to Duke Yares

House Ordos – celebrated manufacturers of high-quality musical instruments.
Baron Nijah Ordos, head of House Ordos
Ulyssia Ordos, wife of Baron Nijah
Uliia Ordos, daughter of Baron Nijah

House Daikita – a Minor House with few recent achievements.

Baron Ceremon Daikita, head of House Daikita
Gwydeen Daikita, Baron Daikita’s wife
Garvan, personal assistant to Baroness Gwydeen

Other Characters
The Imperial Legate
The Imperial Seneschal
The CHOAM representative
The Landsraad representative
The Judge of the Change for the Fief of Arrakis
The representative for the Imperial Commission on Land Rights
Two representatives from the Spacing Guild
The Sardaukar Officer
Various courtiers...