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Character List

Conspiracy of Ravens: Cast List

The Castle Staff

Gereon Bosewichtfanger: the estate caretaker; Gereon is cold and efficient with no sense of humor to speak of (he is what the locals describe as “German”).

Adela Sala:
 the castle housekeeper; she also supervises the cleaning staff and cooks. Adela runs a tight ship, but is sympathetic to the needs of the staff.

Helmut Pfeifenburger:
 the attorney for the estate. An Austrian by birth, he is pleasant with a cheerful demeanor.

Professor Gaspard Savreux:
 A University of Vienna faculty member, specializing in History as well as Royal Heraldry. Savreux is French by birth.

Inga Walkenhorst:
the castle chambermaid; she also serves in the main hall.

The Guests

Sister Serafina: nursemaid to Father Genovese, an elderly Church representative. She works hard for one so young, but her faith keeps her in high spirits.

Judet (Judge) Vasile Petran:
government official and representative of the Crown; he is a close friend of the King.

Doctor Erich Huber:
the village physician; Dr. Huber is well-regarded by the locals.

Father Constantin: the local parish priest; beloved for his jocular demeanor.

Daryn Colceag:
a local sightseer, stranded when his automobile broke down near the castle.

Dankrad Herrenhaus:
wealthy Austrian factory owner; a very modern tycoon with an expensive car and a sizeable wardrobe of tailored suits.

Almara Herrenhaus: Dankrad's wife; a glamorous socialite who is always draped in exquisite gowns and expensive jewelry.

Wilhemina Herrenhaus: Dankrad's niece and ward; pretty, but seems uncomfortable in the trappings of wealth.
Vadoma Lovarya: Matriarch of the local gypsy clan. She is fierce and wry, and is known for her exceptionally sharp tongue when defending her family.

Nikolai Lovarya:
Vadoma's son; a handsome and charming young man with one foot in the old world and one in the new. Though he wears a jacket and tie, he speaks all of the Romany dialects.

Florica Lovarya: Vadoma's daughter; she is an exotic beauty and a gifted musician who follows the traditional ways of her people.

Aslan Burakgazi:
A wealthy Turk and a prince, at least by blood (titles having been abolished in his homeland a decade ago).

Adam Walton:
An English gentleman who keeps to himself, but frequently enjoys painting and writing.

Lord Henry Pratt:
English nobleman; master of Llanwelly Manor; former British Army officer who served in the War.

William Pratt: Lord Pratt's handsome but nervous son. William is constantly underfoot, though his affable nature helps keep him out of trouble.