Update (01-30-18) We are now waiting to see how we fare in the GenCon housing lottery. As many of you know, we took a break from the convention circuit in 2017. If the stars align this year, we hope to bring you more events and more published LARPs. Yes, you read that right! The much-anticipated sequel to Carnival Arcane: The LARP is on its way! Watch this space for news, and as always, keep LARPing!

Thanks to everyone who played our games in 2016! We had a blast, though we lost a piece of luggage on the trip home from GenCon. Besides my favorite t-shirt, it held most of the player contact info we collected during our GenCon events. If you asked to be added to our contact list for upcoming events and you haven't heard anything from us yet, please send us your contact info again.

If you would like us to bring our seminar and LARP events to your convention, please contact us at LarpsByFYI (at)
We are located in northern Illinois and are happy to discuss traveling further afield.

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