Civic Duties To Improve the World

This page will evolve in the coming months to identify the projects most of my colleagues would recognize as a humanitarian activities. This started when in 1965 in Vietnam with the Vietnam-Marine Corps People to People Program. Among other things I had the pleasure of working with the people of South Vietnam, especially little ones. I volunteered at the Da Nang Catholic Church and orphanage. The most recent is my efforts to build a program of rehabilitation for those who were brutalized under the watchful eyes of psychologists.
So this page is devoted to what I do and lots of others do out of civic duty to our family, community, country, and world. God in the form of your beliefs watches over all of us and, therefore, we are all one family.

National and Regional Work to help traumatized children and families:
  1. American Psychological Association, Division 56 Task Force on Torture Trauma Treatment (to determine standards of practice for the psychosocial and medical rehabilitation of torture victims at the hands of Americans), July 2015-present. Torture is not permitted because it is against the US laws, UN Charter, and all agreed upon rules. It is not permitted because it puts lives in danger -- our American soldier's lives. It also does not work and causes increased acts of torture by our enemies.
  2. Following publication of our Encyclopedia of Trauma, the Provost invited me to develop a course online that would be free to the world. March 2013-present. We spent two years focusing on providing a free course online. That dream continues but should become a reality in 2016.
  3. Collaboration with Dr. Catherine Burnette, studying the Chocktaw Tribe of Northern Mississippi, the Houma People of Southern Louisiana in order to significantly improve the quality of life and significantly reduce health disparity in all sectors of functioning -- individual, family, community, February 2014-present. It is an honor to work on this project because the Native Americans are an inspiration in resilience but represent a huge debt we owe them. We can start with doing all we can to understand their lives and help build an infrastructure that is systemic and builds on the many strengths they share as a people.
  4. The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, Phase IV,  August 2011 - present. I volunteer as Founder to give advice on training, certification, and advice on opportunities by researchers.
  5. American Psychological Association Division 56 co-founder, founding council of representatives division representative, committees member. January 2010 - present.
  6. The Green Cross, Phase III,  September 1, 2001 - August 2011. I volunteered as executive committee, new york deployment research coordinator,

International visits to increase cultural understanding and promote healing of trauma workers:
  1. Guest Professor, Japan College of Social Work, Tokyo, February, 2013-present.
  2. Visiting Scholar and Presenter, Israeli Science Foundation Advanced Workshop, January, 2014.
  3. The Turkish Center, Inda, specializing in treating the traumatized contracted with the Figley Institute (Directed by K. R. Figley), in collaboration with the Traumatology Institute, to deliver two weeks of training at the Point Hotel in downtown Istanbul, Turkey, January, 2013.
  4. Tel Aviv University and the Tulane University School of Social Work’s Traumatology Institute collaboration to write a journal special issue on trauma resilience with Professor Zahava Solomon and 15 colleagues in collaboration with Dean Ron Marks, Eric Corzine, and the Traumatology Lab members, 2013-present.
  5. Traumatology Institute-Japan College of Social Work Research Institute collaboration on the monitoring of professionals working in the disaster zone in collaboration with Professor Takashi Fujioka, 2012-present.
  6. Lecture tour of Australia, sponsored by the Critical Incident Stress Management Foundation of Australia, July 2010
  7. Germany, US Army, European Command training, 2008-present
  8. Kuwait University, review of the Masters of Psychology program, 2004
  9. Northern Ireland, WAVE, Queens University, and the University of Ulster, training 1999-2003
  10. The Netherlands, Lecturing at the University of Utrecht, 1998
  11. Australia, The TFH Association and The Written Word, Inc., 1997 and 2003
  12. South Africa, Truth and Reconciliation Commission and University of the Witwatersrand, 1996-present       
  13. Finland, Lecturing at the Center for Post-Trauma Therapy and Education and Myötätuntouupumus, 1997-present.
  14. Various lecture tours, 1996- present (South Africa, Germany, England, Scotland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, US Army, US Navy).
  15. France, Lecturing at the Institute for Psychosocial Stress, Paris, 1995.
  16. Kuwait Social Development Office, training and research, 1992-1994.
  17. Vietnam, serving as non-commissioned officer (E-4) US Marine Corps, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force, 1965-1966.