The number of children 8 – 18 with a TV in their bedroom…68%
The number of children 8 – 18 with a video game console in their bedroom…49%
The number of children 8 – 18 with a computer in their bedroom…31% (Strasburger, Wilson, & Jordan, 2009)

Having screen media in your child’s bedroom which makes your child gain weight?... priceless (Adachi-Mejia et al., 2007)

Purpose Statement     

Technology is changing society at a rapid pace and children are an at-risk population. One of the risks children are susceptible to is media effects, and our goal is to raise awareness about the potential effects.

David Grider, JP Felmet, Jonathan Chang, Summer Zhang, Xue Yang, & Muhammad Khan are students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are taking EPS 415 (Technology and Educational Reform), which is taught by Professor Nicholas C. Burbules.

Childhood obesity is increasing worldwide, which is problematic for a multitude of reasons (Anderson & Butcher, 2006). While our website focuses on the United States because the obesity epidemic peaks in this country, the worldwide numbers and percentages are rising (Wang & Lobstein, 2006). As previously stated, our mission is to raise awareness about the effects media have on childhood obesity, and also to discuss how obesity impacts one's education. Because children are the future of society, educators need to know what they are up against. Parents and teachers need to be more aware of the impact childhood obesity has on a youth's life. Only after awareness is raised can society truly enter the fight with this foe called "childhood obesity."


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