Cadet Orientation Program

The Cadet Orientation Program (COP) is a welcoming, informative, and challenging event for incoming Cadets. New Cadets will immediately feel welcomed as part of the team and be challenged physically and mentally. Current Cadets will lead the new Cadets from the start in a professional and positive manner. During COP, Cadets experience many aspects of the Army. These events include helicopter rides, weapons familiarization, and drill and ceremony. Campus familiarization and location of student resources will also be emphasized. By the end of the event, new students should feel confident and comfortable in the Army ROTC program and be excited for an eventful semester at the University of Illinois.

If interested in COP or the Army ROTC program please view the hyper-linked  form below and download the excel spreadsheet, then return it by August 14, 2017 in order to participate in all events. 

Items to bring:
  • A good pair of Running Shoes     
  • Brown or black colored hair ties (females only)     
  • Strap for your eyewear     
  • Plain White socks - minimum of Ankle length (i.e. no "no-show" socks and no logos)     
  • Blue Jeans
  • Plain gray t-shirt
  • Plain black athletic shorts
  • A Haircut (males will be required)     
  • Healthy Snacks (like granola bars, plain popcorn, and trail mix)     
  • Foot powder     
  • A Change of "Business" attire or a Business Suit     
  • Sports style watch (like a Timex Ironman)     
  • Water/sports bottle
  • A current physical (within the last year)


      -Healthy snacks (like granola bars, plain popcorn, and trail mix, beef jerky) 
      -Foot powder 

      -Strap for your eye-wear 

Useful Resources