TALKING TO SWING VOTERS - A Quick reference guide on voter persuasion. TALKING TO SWING VOTERS 

Make your case for Republican dishonesty with language designed to rinse GOP brainwash. This poster is targeted for swing voters, independents and Democrats who have been voting for Republicans. Download, print out on card stock and distribute widely as a poster or post card. 

PHONE BANKING SCRIPT - A template/sample for a Voter ID phone banking script. Copy and paste into a blank document and add your specific data.  PHONE BANKING SCRIPT 

PROGRESSIVE PIVOT POINTS - Pivot Points are a way of shifting a discussion to a winning argument by using pre-defined transitional statements. Also known as "Flips" or "Political Judo." PROGRESSIVE PIVOT POINTS

FIGHTING BACK - Political Judo for the Strong of Heart. These are common objections that cause swing voters and self identified Democrats not to vote for Democratic candidates. They are false perceptions that are reinforced by extensive conservative marketing. Included are suggested responses that are counter punches, intended to push back the right-wing propaganda. Read and practice and be prepared to deliver a strong counter-point when you hear these false accusations. FIGHTING BACK 

TABLING TO WIN - Set up tables at community events and reach out to voters to raise visibility, talk to swing voters, sign up volunteers, register new voters and raise small donations.  TABLING TO WIN

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS - This is a great web site to find and list community events (free) so you can reserve and set up tables at community events and engage voters, sign up volunteers, register new voters and raise visibility and awareness for your candidates.

VOTE DEMOCRATIC FAN - Beat the heat with global cooling fans which are great for voter outreach events like fairs, festivals and parades.  Add your candidates lapel stickers and raise the visibility. Buy them in bulk because you wont get stuck with left overs you can't use.  They are good for any election in any year. DEMOCRATIC FAN

BUMPER STICKER HOLDER - Double up on your visibility with a bumper sticker holder that sits in your cars back window. Also, for those people too squeamish to stick a sticker on their bumper. Make a hundred of these and give them to your best supporters. Building these is also a good volunteer activity. BUMPER STICKER HOLDER

FREESTANDING BANNER DISPLAY - Simple instructions for an inexpensive 7 foot, freestanding banner display stand for 2 x 4 foot banners. Great for Tabling, House Parties, Rallies and Fundraisers.

VOLUNTEER  ORIENTATION - This is a template for a handout to give new volunteers to give them an idea of what to expect and explain some of the activities they may be involved in. VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION

HOUSE PARTY NEIGHBOR SEARCH - House party resource that uses FEC data to map and list people in your neighborhood who have given money in a national election. Complete with address and job description. It works best if you just use a street and zip code. 

DEMSTORE.COM - The best Democratic campaign gear for raising money, visibility, awareness and volunteers. Signs, Stickers, Buttons and T-shirts union made in the U.S.A.  Plan ahead, pool your orders and buy in bulk to set up a table at every House Party, Flea Market, Art Festival, County Fair, Hayride, Outdoor Concert, Music Festival, Parade, Farmers Market, Picnic, Barbecue, Fish Fry, Craft Show, Fundraiser, Book Fair, Yard Sale, Rally, Speech, Art Fair, Wine Tasting, Fireworks Display, Fall Festival, Scottish Games, Dog Show and Halloween Haunted House in your area.  THE DEMSTORE.COM  

GRASSROOTS GLOSSARY - Common political terms and definitions. GRASSROOTS GLOSSARY 

A CALL FOR DEMOCRACY - The Problem is Big Money in Politics. A CALL FOR DEMOCRACY

CONTACT DATA MANAGEMENT - This compact reference guide is designed to help people develop basic skills to better manage their own circle of influence to build contact lists for crowd building, volunteers, phone banking, canvassing, fundraising etc. Contact Data Management 

REPUBLICAN DIRTY TRICKS - Be Prepared to Protect Yourself and Fight Back

WHY THEY HATE US - The Downside of Globalization. The advent of "Globalization" has been used as a means of empire building which has weakened the U.S. economy and government and caused massive world poverty, environmental destruction, war and terrorism. WHY THEY HATE US

PROGRESSIVE BOOKSHELF - Useful books to help you change the world for the better. PROGRESSIVE BOOKSHELF 

FREE COMPUTER TOOLS - Free, stable and easy to use software. FREE COMPUTER TOOLS

GRASSROOTS TRAINING - Root Camp Training - FREE Grassroots Online Training. Online streamingvideos of classroom training. GRASSROOTS TRAINING

JOIN ROOT CAMP - A nationwide, virtual network of volunteer educators and campaign experts who collaborate online to design, develop and deliver grassroots political training in every corner of America. Join us and become the change you want to see in the world. JOIN ROOT CAMP 

MOVIES AS AN ORGANIZING TOOL - Show them, bring people together, inform and discuss. Great for house parties or to help potential volunteers find a new campaign HQ or phone bank. I strongly recommend the Paul Wellstone documentary. 

GREAT POLITICAL SPEECHES - A collection of great speeches available in online audio format. GREAT POLITICAL SPEECHES 

PROGRESSIVE THOUGHTS - A collection of progressive quotes and ideas from the people who made things happen.