West Kitsilano Residents' Association

Dear Mayor and Council,

We wish to express our views on three very significant and interrelated issues being dealt with by council today.

First, we ask that Council oppose any increase in building heights in the Historic Areas until a proper Local Area Planning process has occurred that will analyze potential impacts of changing heights and prioritize actions needed to ensure a continued and increased supply of affordable housing in the Downtown East Side. This is a vulnerable area and great care must be taken before changes are contemplated. It is the residents of this neighbourhood that need to reach a consensus on appropriate city actions. We support the efforts of the Carnegie Community to try to increase the supply of affordable housing in their neighbourhood.

Second, we are equally opposed to the proposed increases in allowable building height in the Downtown. We value the views of the mountains that make Vancouver such a special place. Saving a few narrow view  corridors is not adequate. Views from the shoreline of Kitsilano and Jericho to the west will also be negatively affected as well as from viewpoints throughout Kitsilano, Fairview, Point Grey and numerous other neighbourhoods.

Finally, we support Councillor Woodsworth's motion to ask for existing zoning capacities in all of the city's neighbourhoods. This is essential information needed for planning in the city and should be the first basic requirement before any changes to allowable building heights or other rezonings are contemplated.

Thank you.

Jan Pierce
For The Board of Directors
West Kitsilano Residents Association