Vancouver & District Labour Council

Chinatown Building Heights and Density
Vancouver & District Labour Council resolution
March 15 2011

BECAUSE the Vancouver City Council has voted to restrain building heights and to protect low-income housing in seven of the eight sub-districts in the
Downtown Eastside (DTES); and

BECAUSE City Council has also established a Local Area Council Planning Process to engage the community in decisions around zoning and development

in the DTES; and

BECAUSE historic Chinatown was not included in either the motion or the planning process, and proposed changes specific to Chinatown have been
referred to public hearing;

THE VDLC WILL call on Vancouver City Council to expand the mandate of the DTES Local Area Council Planning process to include Chinatown, and to
disapprove any increases to height and density allowances in Chinatown until
such time as the public consultation process for the whole area has been