Fight the heights in Chinatown

Power to the People: “Fight the Heights” in DTES & Chinatown!

Led by CCAP, DNC members and DTES residents Paul Martin and Susan Friday, unleashed a community-based outreach and flyering effort at street corners, single room occupancy hotels and at social housing buildings in the DTES and Chinatown. Organizers in consultation with supporters decided to conduct an aggressive field campaign, prior to the Chinatown Condo Towers proposal vote by the Vancouver City Council, to inform and mobilize all impacted lowincome tenants in DTES and Chinatown on how more Condo Towers will substantially increase gentrification, pump up rents and raise prices for consumer goods in the affected areas.

Going door-to-door enabled us to recruit tenants, identify leadership, respond to fears from tenants of displacement by richer people, and to demystify and dissect the big business, pro-real estate developer, Historic Area Height Review proposal envisioned by City Hall.

London Hotel tenants, a social housing site, West Hotel tenants, an SRO in DTES, and elderly immigrant tenants at Solheim Place in Chinatown, vehemently opposed the City Council’s proposal to increase new heights for condos in Chinatown. Almost every tenant
we spoke to expressed a burning desire to join with us to “fight the heights.”