History of the HAHR: 2008-2011

The following links all lead to the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) website. CCAP organized against the HAHR in its 2008, 2009, 2010 forms and won some important gains, pushing the city back to the proposal that finally came forward (and was passed) in 2011.


Development tsunami in the DTES could squeeze more into homelessness

Eek O’ Density: Residents oppose towers at Carnegie Town Hall with Director of Planning
(Eco Density was the city’s publicity campaign to prepare neighbourhoods for more towers)

Study shows Downtown Eastside housing situation is getting worse

16 Downtown Eastside towers proposed by the city

Town Hall on the 16 towers:  CCAP opposes height and “use” of towers


Call out to prepare for DTES towers issue at city hall

Letter to city council from CCAP about condos causing displacement

City hall speeches against towers in Jan 2010: round one of DTES towers issue

Council concludes 15 storey towers a good idea for DTES

Council throws DTES community a crumb:  Social Impact study

CCAP rent study shows rents increasing in DTES

DTES vision with 1200 residents calls for no condos and more social housing

DTES residents prepare for final decision on towers coming in 2011

Call out to prepare for final fight at city hall against towers

Surprise council decision delays some towers and delays decision for Chinatown towers

Was the surprise decision a victory?

Call out to fight towers in Chinatown

The final decision, March 2011, read it all here at this website