Chinatown businesses collective letter (English)

March 8, 2011

Dear Mayor and Council,

I oppose the city’s plan for 12-15 storey condo towers in Chinatown. 

I understand that profits from taller buildings can help pay for renovations of Chinatown heritage buildings on Pender Street.  City council should find another way to pay for fixing up our heritage buildings besides allowing big towers in Chinatown. 

Risks to store operators are too high.  Property values, assessments and taxes will increase.  Our rents will increase.  We cannot afford this.  Our customers cannot afford this.  Owners will not renew leases so stores that can afford higher rents can move in.  We will have to move somewhere else.   Where will we go?    

Please do not approve towers in Chinatown on March 17th.   Please work on a plan that protects the good fortune and prosperity of small businesses in Chinatown.

Signed by: 




Print name and business name



Letter signed by:

Anna Chan, Chi Shing Co (2)—255 Union
Bamboo Village – 135 E Pender           
Boss Comm[unication] ltd – 229 Keefer E
Chi Shing Trading Co, Jimmy Ho, -- 296 Keefer
Chinese Gifts Crafts – 44 Pender E
Cho Shing Li
Décor of China – 119 Pender E
Dollar Store 173 E Pender – Allan Curtis, Mgr
Easy Time Import —156 Pender east
Fung Po Kung - Keefer St.
Guo Hua
Han Fung Arts/Jane’s Tea – 41 E Pender
KK Boutique—154 Pender E
Neo Image Beauty Salon -- 636 Main
New Mitzies Restaurant, Ailin Liang – 179 E Pender
Novelty Gifts Express Limited -- #12-114 E Pender
Shamrock Realty – 475 Main
Siou Chin Vong Vilay
TCC Trading Suvath Phaphou – 38 Pender E
Tong Tat Shing Good Luck Enterprise – 147 E Pender
Xiang Wang Enterprise, Inc – 229 Keefer
Zen Boutique – 131 E Pender
Zodiac Gifts --  48 E Pender