Welcome to Pandora's Tomorrow, a Promethean: The Created chronicle, that I started.  This site serves as a chronicle of the Throng's progress and adventures in a world where twisted science has allowed mankind (and others) to perpetrate greater evils.

Premise: You are a creature cobbled together from human remains and given unholy life. Perhaps you were built for a purpose, perhaps merely as a stepping stone for your creator's goals, or perhaps simply to show it could be done. Either way you are or soon will be on your own in a world that recoils from your very presence. But perhaps you can learn about this world and become what you envy: human (and yes it can be done).

Current Status: This chronicle is complete.  I've got a new game running here.
The game began with the characters awakening in white sterile rooms on a cold metal beds. After escaping this strange prison and the L.A. riots of 1992, they are on the run.  Their search for answers led them to the headquarters of the company that had imprisoned them.  Since the fire that consumed the facility and their hope for further answers, they have wandered the empty spaces of America, avoiding those who hunt them.  They have save many people but are still oathed by humanity.  They managed to convinced the mysterious Men in Black to leave them alone, leaving only the Pentex Corporation and the man who once held them captive.  They learned that Pentex was using their kind in a plot to bridge the barrier between life and death.  Worse they were using the child of one of their kind to do it.  They managed to stop them and avert disaster.  In the aftermath one of them achieved the New Dawn, becoming mortal.  Slowly the others felt the tug as their tale came to a close.  Two remain, one trapped by his duty and the other pulled to something other than human.

    The game was planned to be a medium length campaign (12-20 sessions, actually 18) focused on the journey and trials of the PC Prometheans. The focus is on the characters' growth and their attempts to become human. Also there would be a science fiction trend to the adventures and some general travel weirdness.
My Inspirations: Incredible Hulk TV series, various B horror movies
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