My Father

My father asked me to make a page for him, explaining how awesome he is. (SO HE THINKS) LOLZ.

My father has been through a lot for me. He says I am the most important thing to him. He is a great dad, though distracted at times and struggles just like any other human being....


My father can put up with a lot and get things done when needed. He can do great things during incredibly harsh times, dealing with a wife, enduring a daughter (lolz,) tryin to build a stronger relationship with his son..... All of that he has been going through, and he is still going strong.... I'm proud of my father... very much... 

Also, he tries to make me feel better about myself while going through all this. I have a lot of respect for my father. He treats me as a child and an adult.




5-5-08  :'(

My father is going through hard times in the hospital right now, but still staying strong....


Well, my dad made it out of the hospital and is doing very well now. I knew he wouldd, though i was worried. i love my dad and am glad he is ok.


Well..its been a year. I'd have to say that my dad is back to his old self again. I am very glad that he made it through everything. I don't know what i would have done without him.