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My Father


Pon and Zi

This page is about me.  Taysha, 'AKA' Tash or TJ.

For my friends.

This is a site that i made out of sheer boredom.

Anyways, I am a very sweet person. I may not act like it at times but I really am.  I am not girly. Obviously. Pink isn't really a good color for me yet i look good in it for some reason. I love black and red, which is again obvious. I also love bright green. When I was little I liked pink,,,,, but no,,, I DO NOT LIKE PINK anymore...

I love singing and attempting to draw. I also like wrestling and playing video games and watching or playing football. It's awesome. I also love playing basketball, i found out that i am really good at it. ;)  ...                 sadly that wore off... lol


I LOVE MY BROTHERS!! and my family.And I luv my other friends. Though there are very few.

I hope everyone viewin' this site enjoys... 


By the way.....

THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!   XD



Rose Vine