Fight Back To Save City College
CCSF interim administrators are thwarting the will of the voters!
We are fighting back!  Join us!

text of Prop A = passed by 72.9% of SF voters

Our Interim Chancellor, Dr. Scott Skillman has announced that Measure A funds will not be used for educational purposes.

The Special Trustee imposed by the state (and earning $1000/day) said that he did not feel bound to the ballot measure language.

Furthermore they are forcing through an agenda that includes:

•    Downsizing City College’s mission - no more lifelong learning, civic engagement or cultural enrichment
•    Limiting accessibility of classes to students
•    Imposing drastic restructuring with no input from faculty or students
•    Union Busting - Imposing layoffs and (possibly illegal) pay cuts without negotiating

The previous interim chancellor even said, “City College will remain open, but you may not recognize it.”