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Welcome to my blog, Fifty Shades of Catherine Howard.

With this blog I seek to engage and educate inquiring minds about the history and culture of the Tudor era and Catherine Howard’s life. I also hope to brighten Howard’s name, change people’s perception of her, give her some justice, and to help her cult thrive in the history community like that of Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I.

Here you will find information about Howard, the history of her life, portrayals in film and literature, and her impact on pop culture. Travel back in time and take a look into Catherine's environments and see what she went through. Look past the pages of the history books and see Catherine Howard in many shades.

Enjoy your visit.

 Please be aware that I am not affiliated with the Howard family, Historic Royal Palaces, or any formal organization. This blog is independently produced by me and I make no profits of any kind. This is just something I have a desire and passion for.
I also know I may have some grammatical errors at a few places on this site. I try my best to catch them and fix them. If you find any and wish to inform me about them please feel free to email me at fhitchman00@gmail.com.

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