Mykitchenbasics - The smart way of choosing your own Dinnerware Set

While making way towards the dining table, the first thing that amuses the guest is the type of crockery you have chosen for dinner. Dinner sets are one way to express your class and style. The selection you make here justifies your taste and choices. Be it the bone china, melamine or the fiesta dinnerware, it is important to match them up with the right occasion and mood.

Choosing a dinnerset can be tough especially when you are new to home making world. In order to make sure that you do not make the wrong choices in buying them, here are few tips that will help in choosing your dinnerware set the smart way.


The foremost thing you need to keep in mind while buying a set is the occasion that you want them to fit in. For casual ones, the dinner sets made from melamine are optimal. This is because they are rough and tough and are unbreakable which means you need not to worry about how to manage them. For formal occasions like a dinner party, weddings, anniversary celebration and cocktails one needs to opt for finer dinnerware. Bone china, porcelain, glass andVitelle are some of the well known materials used for making finer crockery.


No matter what occasion you are shopping for, you should always fix a budget for yourself. Depending upon the budget start shopping. Both formal and casual sets fall under different price scales. While Vitelle and Bone China are the expensive ones, there are cheaper dinner sets made from melamine and fiestaware.

Color Scheme

Despite the availability of dinner sets in various attractive colors, plain white dinner sets are still a rage and sell the most in markets. This is because of the inherit class and decor they carry since generations. Moreover, this color scheme is dishwasher safe and has no chances of fading away. However, you can always experiment with different colors. Depending upon the decor of your dining room and kitchen you may choose colors that compliment the decor.

Shape & Texture

The shape of the dinner set should always be chosen with reference to the lay out of your dining table. The plates in the dinnerware are mostly rim shaped or coupe shaped. Choosing plates in different shapes is even a good alternative for those who are bored of the regular plates and want to experiment with shapes and patterns. There are a wide range of fiestaware plates available in striking shapes to choose from.


Right Pattern

Always make sure that you buy crockery that does justice to the entire decorum and theme of your place. This goes well especially for those who have designed their homes in a particular style like the antique decor, French decor or the tradition decor. There are primarily three designs you would find in this sector. These are romantic, modern and classic dinnerware. Romantic patterns depict mostly delicate living things like birds, flowers and shells. Classic sets deal with figures and structures from the ancient age. The modern dinnerware consists of designs that display contemporary checks and geometrical motifs.