Welcome to Fiesta  Mexicana. Thank you for visting our website! We look forward to
serving you at our restaurant!
We have built our business around three principles
 * To serve great food   
* At a reasonable price
* With gracious service
 We do not take anything for granted. We study our methods regularly to make sure we are offering the best food possible. We examine our food deliveries to make sure that the food we receive from our vendors is fresh and we are always negotiating to make sure we get the best price.
Please don't forget about our catering services. Any item on our menu is available for take-out. And we enjoy working with you to plan a special even, a dinner party, or an office get-together.
We are living our dream! As you sit down to enjoy your meal, you have our thanks for helping in our success
 Gracias a ustedes!

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