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OCC - Math 011

Section 0.1-0.4 Review


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Exponential Growth & Decay

SECOND WEEK 3RD MP - Point-Slope Form

FIRST WEEK 3RD MP - Correlation and Line of Best Fit

"Don't count days, make days count."

Week 4 - Chapter 9.3


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Video on Distance Formula - 

Distance Formula


Week 10 - Quarterlies

Week 9 - Volume

Week 8 - Surface Area

Week 7 - Area Review/Surface Area

Week 6 - Area of Circles

Week 5 - Area of Triangles, Circles and Trapezoids

Week 4 - Chapter 10 - Area of Parallelograms and Rectangles

Week 3 - 
Mathematician Biographical Reports
Find out about the men and women behind all the x's, y's and pi's.

9.10 - Rotations and Tessalations

Tessalations - 

YouTube Video


9.6 Jeopardy Review - 

9.5 - 

9.3 - 
Classifying Quadrilaterals -

9.1 Link:



Dependent Events
Independent Events

12.3 Quiz

Mean, Median, Mode Song


Mean, Median, Mode and Range Slow Jam



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Online Calculator

Link to Khan Academy -
Online lessons for all the topics covered in this course.  
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