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86 Fiero based Murcielago

This Fiero was purchased in New Jersey and driven to Idaho. The owner watched my install of an LS4 into another Fiero and decided to upgrade from the 350 truck engine and manual transmission to a Tap Shift Turbo Charged LS4

<Digimax S1000 / Kenox S1000>
 This was the engine bay when I got the car.
<Digimax S1000 / Kenox S1000>
This is the Turbo Charged LS4 that I installed into a reworked engine bay
<Digimax S1000 / Kenox S1000>
Rear mounted radiator that has ducting from the operational bat wing air intakes
Truck built in the front compartment
Completed Interior
Interior with a functional instrument cluster and center console.

The car also received a complete suspension upgrade, air powered Nose lift, Air water intercooler and HID Headlights