2014-2015 Heritage High School Fierce Dance Squad

Congratulations to the new members of the 2016-2017 Fierce Squad. It was a pleasure to work with every, single last one of you! You all were very talented and never give up on your dreams. If you would like to assist in anyway, please send me an email kdavis@rockdale.k12.ga.us

Have a good day!

Mrs. K. Davis
Mr. Tim Ladon

Captain: Imani Davis (Class of 2017)
Co-Captain: Destinie Ocasio (Class of 2018)


 If you see your number, please email me that you have received this information. Please include your name, email, birthday and your current class schedule.  Attached your favorite SELFIE as well to the email. 


The Fierce Squad is a group of talented young women that have a passion for dance. Under the leadership of Kimberly Davis, they have reached new heights and have given their peers something to enjoy. The Squad was formed in Fall 2006 and has evolved into something remarkable, memorable and positive for young girls at Heritage High School. They give entertainment to basketball half time performances, school pep rallies/events, competitions and outside events. The squad promotes friendships, leadership and confidence. They represent the definition of dance well by using a mixture of jazz and hip hop. The girls do not limit themselves to one form of dance; they have also done Calypso style dancing.

Fierce defines hard-work, commitment, dedication and is here to stay!


2013-2014 A Year In Review

Who We Are....

Fly, Impressive,Energetic, Radiant, Classy Entertainers!

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