Fields of Fire Players:  Welcome to the Fields of Fire Boot Camp.  The purpose of this site is to provide rules references directly from the rule book on a topic by topic basis.  If you are playing a game and you want to use your grenades but can't remember all the rules for grenades or don't know where a specific rule is located, then this website is for you.  

The site is compatible with all Rulebook versions including the 2017 Rulebook.  Download here 2017 Fields of Fire Rules

If you are new to Fields of Fire start here:  New Player Orientation

Enjoy the site!

Using the side bar on the left, the Rules References table below, or the search tool you can look up various topics.  We will tell you where the rules are that cover that topic.   If you click the carrots on the side bar it will open up the menu so you can see all the topics from any page.  It will stay that way when you return to the site.  This is especially useful for the Rules References section.

If there is a topic that you would like covered but you can't find it here please send an e-mail to  bootcamp2001@gmail.com.  Comments, suggestions and feedback are also very welcome.

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