Welcome, and thanks for your interest in organic wild blueberries (they are good!)

We are located on top of Blinn Hill in Dresden, Maine  at 565 Blinn Hill Road.  At about 450' ASL, we and the blueberries are on the highest point in Lincoln County, where we all see the sunrise and sunset, every day.

If we aren't in the field, we may be found, by chance or by appointment, in the red barn, by our house at the end of our driveway.


Since blueberries are distinctly seasonal, we have no regular hours, but we can tell you that the month of August is the prime month for harvesting (and some marketing).  Sometimes we will harvest for a week or two into September, and rarely we may start a bit before August.

For more information, please contact us at our email address or at one of these #s 207-798-2200 (E's cell) or 207-671-6554 (J's cell).  Thanks.


People have said we produce the cleanest berries they have seen.

And we all know that Maine's wild organic blueberries are good, and good for us!

Well the summer of 2015 is coming along so far, as of July 28.

So far, this means a fairly normal season.