Day 9

July 10, 2011

  • Mutware
  • vervets
  • Lodge baboons
  • egg-eating snake
  • zebras and giraffes
  • galago night-spotting

We started the day with a trip down to the fishing village to try to score behaviors on baboons.  However, when we arrived at the village the male elephant was standing very near to the main road and the baboons were absent.  Fortunately, we were able to get some very good photos of the elephant when we drove past him.

Since there were no baboons at the village, we went back to the lodge to behavior score the habituated baboons there for a little while.  On our way back to camp we made a special trip to see the giraffes and when we got there, we saw about seven giraffes and also some zebra and buffalo.   After a photo-shoot, we got back onto our bus to head back to camp.

After lunch we had a short GPS tutorial and headed back out to the village to try to score those baboons.  However, we received word at the headquarters that the elephant had attacked a car so we were advised not to head towards the fishing village.  Instead, we headed back to the lodge to score those guys again. 
- Alisa Kubala


We went to the pecherie in the morning but Mutware the rogue elephant was present again but no baboons nor vervets. We went to the lodge and try our first behavior profile exercise. After lunch we discussed the behavioral profile and refined it. We then had a GPS training session.  As we were heading out, the park guards told us that there are zebras and giraffes nearby. So we saw a nice group of giraffes with a male, two females and youngsters. We got a group photo but without Katie and Nora who remained sick with colds at camp. Saw lots of zebra and buffalo as well.  Then we went to the lodge to do a behavioral profile of the lodge baboons using the behavior profile refinements we discussed at lunch.  We did several 15 min profiles on the baboons.  After dinner we did night-spotting of galagos with success!!  All in all, not a bad day at all.

-Dieter & Netzin Steklis