Day 4

July 5, 2011

  • Kigali Museum of Natural History & Kandt House
  • Intore dancers
  • pizza dinner

Today was a pretty interesting day from the start to finish. After breakfast my mind was full of excitement for the next adventure on our trip (and nonhuman primates!) and sadness as we say goodbye (for now) to Kigali. Even though our plans detoured slightly from the original set up, I for one am glad to have another night as my clothes hadn’t finished drying, but more importantly we got to see the Intore dancers!
They were amazing from start to finish, the drummers set the mood with heart pounding beat that were so loud in the small space I slightly feared for my hearing. The singers reminded me of Greek muses and the dancers were beautiful and graceful and honestly words can’t do justice to how wonderful they were. I was filming for Emily and kept getting distracted by the dancing that the camera would drop (sorry Emily!)
Dancing with them was scary and exciting at the same time and something I will remember my entire life.

Dinner was cozy and fun to do something a little different, not to mention that the pizza with fries is a genius idea, one which I plan to recreate as soon as I get home.


Today was a very surprising day for everyone. After waking up, having breakfast, and packing our bags to leave for Nyungwe, we found out that there were some issues with our permits and that we were going to delay our trip to Nyungwe. We spent another night at Chez Lando in Kigali. Everyone was okay with the unexpected change of plans. In fact, this allowed us to see the famous Intore dancers. Before dinner we drove to a church and watched the tradition Rwandan dancers give an elaborate performance. Their costumes were ornate and colorful. While watching the dance I imagined how difficult it must be to memorize such a long, complicated dance. I was really glad that the group was able to have such a unique experience here in Rwanda.

- Amber Dargenio