Day 10

July 11, 2011

  • pool time
  • boat ride
  • blue monkey observations

The day started off a bit poorly after we drove for about an hour trying to find vervet monkeys only to be thwarted by an angry elephant blocking the road. As a side note, this same elephant attacked and pushed a car in the lake a few days earlier. We were forced to turn around as were several other cars. Luckily the day improved!

We were informed very last minute that we were going to take a boat cruise on the lake. We all piled into two boats and set out in search of animals. With the cool lake breeze blowing in our face we immediately spotted some playful hippos. Then a bit of excitement and panic set in when the hippo speedily raced towards our boat, apparently in defense of its baby nearby. The boat captain slammed on the gas and we took off…away from Africa’s most dangerous predator. With the adrenaline flowing we spotted a large 5m crocodile, the rare blue monkey and hundreds of unique birds. We then circled around a floating island and headed home. The boat ride offered a very unique and refreshing perspective on what we had been seeing only from land! Highly recommended

--Jordan Schindler