5. Ephemeral Ponds Experiment

This experiment will take place in/around the ephemeral ponds of the Duke Forest.

We will make a map of the ponds: which are full, which are not?

We will measure the following:
  • pond-scale measurements (1 per pond):
    • with probes in the field: pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity
    • from water samples: total N, color
    • pond size -- long axis and short axis of standing water, depth range
    • total spermatophore density
  • in patches within ponds:
    • litter type
    • light environment
    • spermatophore density
Jimmy - plan for mapping ponds
John - what do we want to measure about absolute size of ponds
Georgie - how to assess the range of ponds depths
Andrew - plan for sampling variation in pH and conductivity (at what scale?)
Harrison - plan for measuring light levels
Guarav - plan for quadrat sampling
Santosh - given quadrats, how do we measure spermatophores?
Abby - where should we take water samples?