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There are no bad dogs, only bad humans.  No dog, no matter what it has done, is ever to blame for its behaviour.  Somewhere along the line, the blame and responsibility lies squarely with humans. 
From neglect and abuse to not scooping the poop, irresponsible dog-owners are getting away with it every day, on every street, however, making changes to the dog laws of this country, this nation of dog lovers, is not the answer, and will only serve to further penalise responsible dog-owners - the ones who already obey the law, care about and control their dogs, and value their reputation as responsible dog-owners within their community.  
Irresponsible dog-owners do not care about obeying the law.  Irresponsible dog-owners will continue to flout the law, no matter how prohibitive the law becomes, because no amount of law making will bring irresponsible dog-owners to task, only law enforcement can do that - and that's where it all falls down.  Despite there being an estimated 10.5 million dogs in the UK living in around one third of UK households, the majority of local authorities claim to not have the resources to deal with even the 'lower end' of repeated, daily acts of irresponsible dog-ownership, such as fouling.  It is true that unless irresponsible dog-owners are caught in the act by someone who can enforce the law, they get away with it, but the problem isn't solely a lack of resources, it's also a lack of knowledge of current dog-law, and a lack of reporting by the public.  
If responsible dog-owners and members of the general public were to report acts of irresponsible dog-ownership to the authorities, dog-law enforcers would have the information that they need in order to be in the right place at the right time to catch irresponsible dog-owners in the act.  If the offences of irresponsible dog-ownership remain unreported and irresponsible dog-owners are allowed to continue to get away with flouting the law, the dog laws and bylaws of the UK will continue to become more prohibitive to owning a dog, until the only dog-owners left will be the irresponsible ones, because they don't care about breaking the law.  And there is no need to drastically change current dog-law or make mandatory elective, invasive procedures such as microchipping and neutering.  Perfectly adequate legislation already exists in the UK to combat the full spectrum of 'dog issues' - it just needs to be enforced for it to work. 
Unless current legislation is enforced, unless irresponsible dog-owners are reported, caught, and brought to task, they will continue to fail their dogs, themselves and their communities, and make it harder for responsible, caring, dog-law abiding people to own dogs.  However, if offences are reported in the correct way through the correct channels, there is no reason why existing legislation cannot be enforced and irresponsible dog-owners brought to task.