Obedience Training - Private & Group


Training Philosophy

Teaching owners how to communicate with their dogs in a manner that the dog can understand will prevent dogs from becoming hard to control, leaving their owner frustrated.
Like all good relationships, our connection with our four legged friends will take work.  However, with commitment to consistent and positive training experiences most dogs, regardless of their age, will learn to be well behaved companions. 
While specific brands of collars & leads aren't required, there are some which are more appropriate for basic obedience classes.  
During class, owners will be able to see several different types of equipment that will help control their dogs both effectively & safely. 

I have no objection to body harnesses being used on dogs who are susceptible to tracheal damage, or in instances where dog owners are physically unable to hold back a strong and boisterous dog. 

I strongly suggest that owners don't go out buying any equipment they don't already have prior to beginning class.  Often the collar or leash an owner chooses on their own is not the proper weight for their dog, making control of them very difficult, and possibly dangerous.   



Choosing Rewards:

If your dog is food motivated a reward in the form of a treat combined with praise works well.  In the beginning you will wish to reward every positive behavior with a soft and tiny piece of treat.  By keeping the pieces soft and tiny your dog will not be searching the floor for crumbs or spending time chewing, but rather looking to you for more that may follow.   

As our dog masters behaviors, treats will intermittently reward them.  This will encourage dogs to perform behaviors out of habit and seeking praise, more than the food reward that originally came with it. 

For dogs who aren't motivated by food, praise along with a favorite toy or ball tossed to them often works quite well.
By graduation, dogs are no longer receiving treats for responding to commands they've learned.  AKC CGC award testing does not allow treats to be used.  For regular obedience class graduation tests, owners are permitted to use treats as a reward AFTER a positive reaction to a given command, but not as a lure (this is mostly for the benefit of the human involved, as THEY relax more with the security of the treat).

Phone Consultations 

$50 - up to 30 min.

While it’s always nice to be together when discussing behavior or training issues your dog is experiencing, it’s not always practical or possible because of distance and schedules. With the exceptions of aggression issues and basic obedience, many problems can be resolved via phone consultation.

After receiving your completed form phone consultation form including details about your dog and a full description of your dogs’ problem, your issues will be evaluated to determine if a phone consult can give you quality results.

All scheduling is done via Email.  There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

****Phone consultations are prepaid via PayPal.


******This fee does NOT apply to current clients in physical classes group/private.  Class members can always contact me without charge via phone, email or facebook



Click above to check out FIDO CAN FETCH on Facebook for video clips of group and private classes. 


Aromatherapy For Dogs!

Helps calm, ease stress, promote sleep....aromatherapy for our canine companions is just as beneficial as it is for us.  Call for details.

 Private Classes vs Group Dog Training Classes:

$150    7 weeks
$80      4 weeks
Distractions - While it is easier to train your dog in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home, the environment of a group class will provide your dog with plenty of distractions.  If your dog can learn and perform skills taught with several other humans, dogs and whatever else is going on around your class, they will likely be able to handle just about any situation with ease. 
Confidence - Your dog will also benefit by gaining self confidence as well as confidence in you as their leader as a result of being around a group of humans and other dogs with positive praise all around them.
Cost - When broken down hourly, group classes usually cost about 75% less than private sessions. 
*for liability reasons, only two adults per dog will be admitted into class.  Children under the age of 16 must enroll in private, semi-private or group classes specifically for young people. 

PRIVATE CLASSES:  $95 per hour*
Flexible Scheduling - No matter how busy your schedule is, provided you have 15 minutes each morning & 15 minutes each evening to practice with your dog, private classes will work for you!  
Customized Training - The areas of training you want to focus on will be our priority.  
Solutions - Door aggression, door dashing, house training, crate training, puppy proofing information, are quicker and easier to remedy meeting in your dog's home environment.

A package of 3 private lessons: $260 ($25 savings)

Package of 6 private lessons:

$510 ($60 savings)


Package of 10 private lessons:

$825 ($125 savings)

*packages need to be completed within 6 months of initial session 



$100 - 6 weeks

Group classes for kids (ages 8 & up**)
Kids are people too!  Helping children to create a bond with their dogs can be magical, if they are taught how to act safely around them.  Dogs should know sit, down, and basic loose leash walking prior to class.  Classes will focus on safety, mutual respect, basic commands, learning tricks, and playing games, like 'musical sits' and 'fun with food' to reinforce command behaviors in a fun and positive way. 
*1 child per dog - a parent must be present for the entirety each session.  

**Mature children under the age of 8 years old wishing to be part of this class need to make an appointment to be evaluated one-on-one by appointment.  We need to make certain the class will not be too stressful for the child.

SEMI-PRIVATE CLASSES:  4 One Hour Classes - For 2 to 3 dogs - Up to 2 adults and 1 child per dog.  $175.00 per dog.  Perfect if you have a friend who you would like to share training with. 
Call 919-291-9755 for availability.

6 weeks - $150 includes test fee
 *testing is available without class - call for details

 AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and testing for the CGC award are available.  Completion of Basic Obedience class is a prerequisite.  
Reasons to work on your AKC CGC Award:

1. Use the CGC test to your advantage against breed discrimination laws, some apartments only allow dogs that have a CGC certificate.
2. It’s a good test to see where you & your dog are in training.
3. The CGC test gives you a goal to work toward together, strengthening your bond even more.
4. The Canine Good Citizen test is a prerequisite for most therapy dog training classes.
5. The Canine Good Citizen test is a good preparation for more advanced training.
6. Your commitment to a well mannered dog sets a good example for other dog owners.
7. Your dog will be much more at ease when exposed to new situations & surroundings.

****NOTE:  All present or former training clients, whether private or group, can take the test for the AKC-CGC award FREE OF CHARGE. 

If you believe your dog is ready (refer to http://www.akc.org/events/cgc and choose CGC Test Items from the menu on the left for details on what the test consists of)  call me and we can schedule a time for you and your dog to visit one of my group classes* so you can take the test. 

* we need to have several dogs and humans present as their presence is vital to the test.
  $130 -  6 weeks

Geared for puppies 3 - 8 months of age and their owners, the S.T.A.R. Puppy class teaches Socialization, Training, Activity, and Responsible dog ownership. 
This is a 6 week class to help owners and their pups begin a wonderful relationship that will last a lifetime.  A great way to teach puppies in a positive manner how to respect their human counterparts, become well socialized and develop confidence in themselves as well as their handlers.
Puppy raising topics such as house-training, chewing, crate training are discussed and learning basic training commands will get you and your puppy off to a wonderful start. 


So many choices for just one dog!

Whether they're a diva, a nerd, a jock or even a little devil, there's a class suited for them!

Choosing the class where your dog will fit right in and benefit most learning the behaviors that meet your expectations is as easy as clicking on the picture to the left


Group Training Class Location:

Bone Voyage Inc. Pet Boarding & Training

For further information or to schedule private classes, contact me:

Vickie Vonn      919-291-9755