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Our AniMeals program teams up with Meals-on-Wheels to deliver pet food every other week to recipients, who often are at risk of sacrificing their own nutrition to feed their pet companions. This also reduces the necessity of relinquishing their pet(s), which is akin to losing a family member and is especially depressing to our senior population. 

Pet Food Bank

Our Pet Food Bank was created in 2009 for the express purpose of providing people of limited means a way to keep their animals. We accomplish this by offering dog and cat food distribution services through our Food Bank, on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am-1pm) to those who financially qualify. All applicants must provide proof of eligibility by providing documentation that they are currently receiving some form of financial assistance.

The following is a list of acceptable award documentations:

Back Pack Buddies

Food Stamps Program


Head Start


Social Security

Social Security Disability

Or other Public Assistance Program

                                                                                     Unemployment Letter stating available benefits

                                                                                      Letter of sponsorship from a church 

Veterans Program:

Our Vets Pets Program provides pet food to Veterans, Active duty personnel and their families. Our Veteran's Food Bank is available every Wednesday (10am-11:30am) or at the Pet Food Bank on the third Saturday of each month (10am-1pm). 

Qualifying Veterans/Service Members/Families need to complete an application and show current military/ dependent identification or a present a copy of their DD214 with identification e.g. driver’s license. Applications are available at our Warehouse during both food bank hours. Homeless Veterans are qualified based on individual circumstance.

For more information call: 971.254.7348

“I have been on the Vets Program for about a year now. It means a lot to be able to feed my dogs and cats when we are on a fixed income. 

There has never been any problem and I am treated with respect.” Jim