Teaching Unit Plan- Walkabout Novel

Click on the picture below to get the whole original novel, by James Marshall
Graded Readers Level 2

  The unit Topic Walkabout novel

 The unit designer Fidaa Abu Bader Ganaiem
  Target Audiences Pupils are 8th graders. The class contains 25 pupils. 
 Objectives click here

  The purpose of using ICT It motivates pupils to learn better for fun just like the sport that are doing just for fun! It enriches the process of Learning and empowers pupils with skills that make them more confident and involved in the activities.   
  21th century skills Collaborating, Flexibility, Productivity, Initiative, social skills (decision making, communicating), Evaluation, Application, Time management, Creative Thinking, Information Literacy, Technology Literacy, Problem-solving, accountability
  Educational Web Tools videos (Movei Maker, Zaption)
Presentations and stimulations (powerpoint)
google drive (docs-form)

  Computer Lab/Classroom Computer There is a need for a computerized environment, wireless, projector. 
  Special attention to learner diversity The unit contains diversity activities for the pupils at high level of proficiency and contains evaluation rubrics to help pupils follow the criteria to be accountable for their learning.
 The Literacy ApproachI have chosen Reader-Response Theory through the Analysis and Interpretation Part in each Lesson Planning. There is a need to give pupils the opportunity to respond to their own reading and writing personally and generate thier own meanings!