Tools for the act of writing. These tools assist the writer to assemble, assess and manage words. Not everyone will want to write directly to cloud-based composition tools, but online language references are vital aids for every fiction writer.
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English Words Oxford Dictionary Oxford's commonly confused words Commonly confused words Open 
English Words Etymology Online Dictionary of word origins Etymology Open 
English words International dialects of English Resource for English dialects Dialects Open 
Editing and Style Chicago manual of style Pre-eminent style guide for the US publishing industry CMS Subscription 
Editing and Style Bloomsbury style guide A link to an MS word guide Bloomsbury style Open 
Foreign Words Google Translate A simple word or phrase translator Google translate Open 
Foriegn phrases Omniglot A multilingual idiom translator Omniglot Open 
Foreign languages Language exchange Contact native speakers and swap language tips Language exchange Registration 
Foreign languages Interpals language exchange penpals Interpals Registration 
Foreign translations My memory Translated Translators knowledge-base My Memory Open 
Text analysis Cliche finder Finds cliches in your text Cliche finder Open 
Text analysis Readability calculators Site of links to multiple readability calculatos Readability calculator Open 
Technical language Lexicool 7,500 technical dictionaries and glossaries Lexicool Open 
English words Rhyming dictionary Find the rhyme you need in time Rhyming dictionary Open 
NZ language Maori dictionary Best online Maori language dictionary Maori dictionary Open 
Glossary Literary devices glossary of literary devices Literary terms Open 
English Words Reference Reverse dictionary and thesaurus Reverse Open 
English grammar and usage Stack Exchange Questions and answers on English usage English Stack Exchange Open 
English words Merriam Webster Time Traveler Check when a word was first coined for historical accuracy Time Traveler Open 
English phrases Google Books Ngram When did a phrase become popular Open 
English Words Google Docs The Google spellchecker googles every word in a corpus and is surprisingly good. Registration 
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